Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


quadgranny said...

Those are SUCH cute pictures!!!
I bet Joseph and Timothy would not mind if you do not sell any of the puppies. They make such nice play friends.

It is still amazing to me that the pups had a yellow mommy and a brown daddy, but they all turned out black. Hope you have good luck in finding them all a new home soon. Much, much love, Meemom

Cassidy said...

How cute!! Timothy and Joseph look so cute with the puppies.

I am just amazed that you could get all of those puppies to calm down enough to smile for the camera!
Well, I cant wait to see everybody again!!!!

I love you!
Cassi :)

Kelley said...

Love the pictures! Hmmm...hard to tell what's cuter the sweetie-pies or the puppies!

I would have to say it's those sweet boys though!

Will you all be going out again this weekend?

Love you all!!
Aunt Kelley

lydia said...

Dear Meemom,

Yes, I think that the boys would love to keep all the pups, and so would I! But Daddy says, "NO WAY NO HOW!"

They are so cute though!

Love you so much!


Dear Cassidy,

It WAS hard to get all the puppies to cooperate for the pictures:) You know about that, huh?! We had such a great time with you here! I hope that we can see you again soon!

Much love,

Dear Aunt Kelley,

Cute comment! Both puppies and boys ARE adorable!

Yes, we will be going out this weekend to sell puppies again. We are not sure where yet though! Did you hear that we sold one last week? Yellow was chosen because she was the laziest!

I love you SO very much!

Grandpa said...

Its difficult to imagine 10 puppies until you see them in one picture with a very delighted Timothy.

I noticed that there is one puppy in each photo that is begging to stay at the Crosswroads Country Ranch. It must be sad to let 10 such cute puppies go. But as Daddy Ted says NO WAY NO HOW!!!

The pictures are great as usual and the boys are very cute. I can’t imagine how you got 6 puppies to all be in the same position long enough to take a picture.

Young boys and puppies are a great subject for photos.

Excellent job.

Love you more that all the puppies that have been and will be,

Gabe said...

Oh! I love labradors! They're so awesome!

Mrs. Eagle said...

OOh, they are all so cute!! The human ones too!!!!