Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - A Boy and His Fishing Pole

Photo courtesy of his biggest adoring fan - Lydia!


Grandpa said...

What a great picture of a handsome young man. Lydia you sure do a great job taking pictures. I am very proud of you.

By the way did Timothy catch anything? A big fish I hope.

Love you more than all the pictures ever taken since the invent of cameras,

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Grandpa!

Thanks for your encouragement! I love taking pictures! Especially of my cute little brothers! I think I'm taking after my "Chocolate Loving, Picture Taking Momma!"

Unfortunately the fish weren't biting for any of us:( Maybe next time!

Love you more than all the fishing lures that have ever been and will ever be,


quadgranny said...

Great picture Lydia!!!

Too bad the fish were not biting. That makes fishing alot more fun. At any rate it looks like Timothy was taking the whole thing pretty seriously.

Loved the butterfly picture too. I just got a new camera so hopefully I will become almost as good as
chocolate loving momma and Lydia.

So Glad everyone is finally feeling healthy again. Much, much, much, much love, Meemom

lydia said...

Deaest Meemom,

Thank you so much for your encouragement on my picture taking! I really do enjoy taking pictures of things!

I am happy to hear that you just bought a new camera! There are so many beautiful things that God created for us to enjoy... and take pictures of!

I love you more than all the cameras, films, and memory cards in the world!


Maybe you shuold start a blog to show us all your wonderful pictures!

Grammie and Papa said...

Hey Lydia, the picture is great and I saved it in my pictures file.
As for not catching fish I think it may be due to Timothy not wearing his "here fishy fishy" hat. As you continue filming it may become a cool hobby and you could eventually do weddings and other events. No kidding, I think you are a "natural" at capturing the moment.
Love you more than all the wind in Show Low (gusts in the 50's today)

The Bowes Family said...

Dear Grammie and Papa,

That is so nice of you to say that I am a natural with picture taking!
I still have a lot to learn and practice! But I just LOVE it!!! Some people might be shocked if they see the pictures on my card, noticing that most all the pictures are of Timmy, Joseph or my sheep!

I think you are right about Timmy not wearing his hat. I think the fish just really needed some encouragement. Next time we will be sure to put that hat on him, and, I'm sure that will change the results!

I love you both more than words can say!!!!!!!

Kelley said...

Great job Lydia on the photo! I'm so glad you like taking pictures! We get to benefit from something you like to do too! You're really good at it...keep it up.

I got a new camera too, since the one I was using before is really Uncle Chuck's. I like it, but I don't have any brothers and sisters around to take pictures of like you do! Timothy is a great model! He's getting sooo big!

Can't wait to see you soon to help you usher in the start of your teen years.

You are loved very much Lydia!
Aunt Kelley

Donna said...

That's so cute. I love seeing pictures of Timothy because he's just my grandson Steven's age. I'm not sure Steven would have the patience to stand holding a fishing pole for longer than a couple minutes, though. Maybe Timothy could give him a few pointers.

Nice pic, Lydia. Love how you got the mountains and lake so nicely, too.

Lydia said...

Hi Aunt Kelley!

So glad you like the pictures! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Timothy is a fun one to take pictures of!

We will really look forward to seeing all the pictures you take with your new camera! And we can't wait to see you all soon!

Love you so much!


Lydia said...

Hi Miss Donna!

Sure enjoyed receiving your sweet comment! Thanks so much for your kind words!

I bet Steven is a lot of fun! Timothy doesn't really stay still for much either:)! It would be fun to get the two three-year-olds together!

Lots of love,