Monday, June 16, 2008

Timmyism - "What Do You Want on Your Birthday Cake?"

Timothy, at his tender age of three-and-a-half, is in a stage where discussing the "theme" of one's birthday party is a very important facet of planning one's birthday celebration. He has recently begun asking each of us, "What do you want on your birthday cake?" This, of course, means . . . "What kind of decorations would you like?"

A couple of weeks before Lydia's birthday, Timothy started the discussion on party themes once again. When we asked him what HE would want on his cake, he replied that he wanted "Lydia" on his cake. Then, he asked what Lydia would want on HER cake. She said, "Well, I would like a 'Timmy' on my cake, because I love him SO much!"

This sparked an idea in my head about surprising the two of them with an edible photograph of Timothy on her cake. I called several places, and all their printers were broken. So, I thought up "plan B", and while Lydia was not with us one day, we took several photos of Timothy (most of them were ones that Lydia had taken) to Staples and had them laminated!

And wallah . . . .we had ourselves a "Timmy" party!


Kelley said...

Well I think I would like to have a Timmy party for my bday too!!!

I couldn't think of more perfect decor. AND it makes the cake that much sweeter! :)

Love you all big bunches!
Aunt Kelley

quadgranny said...

Cannot think of anything cuter for the top of a Birthday cake!!!

Those pictures are great and leave it up to mommy to figure out how to get those pictures on the cake!!! Very nice, mommy!!!!!

Only one thing to make it better and that would have been for meemom to be there to help eat it!!!!! Love you all, Meemom