Monday, June 9, 2008

Mmmmmm . . . It's Smore Season!

But first things first . . .
the starting of a good campfire!
Well, here in the Pacific Northwest,
if you want to have a campfire in June,
you may still need some help from your trusty umbrella:) ! Here Daddy is giving his young recruit his first lesson
on toasting marshmellows to perfection!
Ahh, nothing like a good smore to kick off summer:)!


quadgranny said...

Wow!!! Ted, that is real tenacity
as well as genius!!!

Those marshmellows sure look good. Wish I could have helped you all eat them.

Much love, and many hugs, Meemom

Grandpa said...

Ted you are a genius. Just don’t build too big a fire!!

I love how Timothy concentrates when roasting marshmallows. Just the same as he did when fishing.

Daddy Ted is a great Father taking his son on a new field trip. And what a tasty end to the field trip. I wish I were there.

I wonder if the homeowners would complain if I built a fire in the gravel at the side of my house. Maybe not if I could convince them we should take a step back to our childhood and make some smores.

I will have to gather some wood from the desert behind the property and buy lots of Graham crackers and marshmallows. No need for the umbrella.

Love you all more that all the smores in the world.

Lydia said...

Dear Grandpa,

Not only would you not need an umbrella to cook your marshmallows, you almost wouldn’t even need a fire:)!

I like the way Timmy concentrates too. It is so cute! The funny thing is, he does it all the time on fun rides at fairs and such. Most of the time we have to force him to smile for pictures. He does enjoy them though, because he always says that he "wants to do it again!"

I love you more than all the campfires that are burning, and have ever burned in all the world!

P.S. Mommy says don't forget the CHOCOLATE on your smores:)
Dearest Meemom,

We wish you could have been here to help eat the marshmallows too! Maybe we can have our own little campfire together next time you're here in WA!
I miss you SO much!

Love forever and always,

Grandpa said...

Miss Lydia,
How correct you are. Brilliant comment. You make Melvin Zwick proud of your insight.

There are days in the summer in Phoenix that are so hot that we buy marshmallows and Graham crackers in the store and assemble our smores before we go out. By the time we get home the smores are finished.

The chocolate is added after we get home.


Kelley said...

Did you take these pictures Lydia? Hope you got a complimentary smore for your work! :)

I love smores! And it's the only time McKenna and Cassidy will eat marshmellows. They don't like them too much...isn't that weird?

Does everyone like marshmellows at your house?

We made smores last week but we didn't have a real wood fire, we used our propane fire that's in our table in our worked, but it wasn't quite the same!

I can't wait to see you all on Friday!!! Hurry up Friday!

I love you all super duper much times infinity.
Aunt Kelley

Gabe said...

LOL That's funny! :)

Lydia said...

Hi Aunt Kelley!

That's great that you were able to make smores in your backyard with your propane fire in your patio table! That makes it easy! You don't need the help of your umbrella!

Eating smores is about the only time we eat marshmellows . . .except maybe the miniature ones in our hot chocolate!

Do you remember when McKenna, Cassidy and all of us played "chubby bunny" with stuffing big marshemellows into our mouths? That was fun!

We can't wait for Friday too! We will have a great time together and feast on some great food:)!

Love you more than all the marshmellows in the world!


P.S. Mommy was the picture taker this time! I think she got some extra chocolate for your her picture taking:)!

Lydia said...

Hi Gabe!

Loved your comment! Thanks for visiting us:)


Gabe said...

I wish I could visit more often, but we've just been so busy lately! Do you know how crazy Casey is? She wants to start calling me 'Rooster' for some reason. LOL

Mrs. Eagle said...

Yummy in my tummy!!!!
I think we are going to have to make these tasty treats!!!
S - So
M - Munchy
O - Open wide
R - Ready
E - Eat!!!!!!

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Gabe and Mrs. Eagle,

How were your smores?:) Wish we could enjoy some together!

Hey Gabe, we sure understand about the busyness of life and wishing we had more time to visit! We feel likewise about wishing we had more time to hang out with you all on your blog! We hope to soon!

With love,

Robyn, for the Bowes Bunch