Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farm Photo Friday - On Thursday:)

Due to our Friday being reserved for a VERY special occasion and post:), we decided to post our "Farm Photo" today instead! This photo actually has a very long story that could be written about it, (particularly why Gabriel is wearing one of the girls' jackets:), but I think we'll just say that these two beloved farm animals are inseparable buddies. So much so, that Angel, the llama, suffered ill health this week right after they were separated from each other for a time! (This was for some much needed pasture rotation, and in addition to having "separation anxiety" from her goat friend, she was also without shelter for several days in the relentless rain:) Her declining health caused a trip to the vet, and for us to reunite them sooner than we had originally planned. She seems to be making a swell recovery, with some antibiotics, lots of prayer, and her buddy back by her side!


Grandpa said...

Hi Bowes ranchers,
Sure a scary occurance with Angel. Losing her would be a tremendous loss to the loving members of the Crossroads Country Ranch.

Its amazing how two dissimilar animals can develop such a bond.

However I, the Great detective MELVIN ZWICK, noticed that Gabrial the Goat is listed as one of the Croswroad Country Ranch's Goats for Sale. How can this be. I, MELVIN ZWICK, think that Angle may have had a say about selling Gabriel. Me thinks Gabriel may be a permanent resident at the Crossroad Country Ranch.

Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, to tell you he loves you all so very much

Chocolate Loving Momma said...

Dearest Melvin Zwick,

Your great detective skills have done it again! You couldn't be more insightful and right on! Yes, Gabriel was due to be sold from the Bowes Ranch! (We are so impressed with your keen ability to keep track of all the animals and their fates:) But now, after seeing just how bonded he and Angel are, we are having second thoughts.

You are also very perceptive about the huge loss it would be to our farm to have lost Angel. She is such a critical asset to the well-being of all the other animals! She has been such an excellent "guardian angel" for them . . . one I don't think we could do without!

And yes, it is very amazing to watch these various animal behaviors. We always knew that she seemed to have a special liking for Gabe, but we never knew it was this significant! It sure is an interesting life and never a dull moment here on the farm!

We love you more than all the llama spit:) that ever was and ever will be, times infinity!

The Chocolate Loving Momma Bowes Rancher