Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Budding Aeronautic Acrobat


quadgranny said...

Geez.... I did not know you could take a trip by just standing on top of the plane. That looks far more exciting than sitting inside!!!

Jospeh looks so inviting in that pose for just grabbing him and giving him a big hug!!! What a cutie!! He is obviously feeling better as he sure looks happy in the picture.

Maybe he is related to the Orville brothers and is inventing a new way to do it !!!

Many air miles of hugs and kisses, Meemom

Mrs. Eagle said...

J - Jesus
O - On looks and loves this
S - Silly,
E - Ever,
P - playful,
H - Happy boy!!!

A big squeeze to cute Joseph!

Joseph:) said...

Hi Meemom! Can't wait till you can fly here again! But I think being belted in a seat inside of the plane is still preferable for long distances! Many, many hugs and kisses back to you!



Hi Mrs. Eagle!

A big bear hug back to you!

We love you,